Deputy Chris Lee

Hometown: Beaverton, OR
Joined WCSO: 2012

Before joining WCSO, were you ever inspired by other Change Makers in the law enforcement community?
As a young child, the memories that are most seared in my mind are the images of law enforcement, firefighters, and EMTs from all around the nation banding together to search the rubble of Ground Zero in New York City after 9/11/2001. The sacrifices these first responders made for complete strangers was something that is unfathomable. It was then that I learned how much of a positive impact first responders have on a community and I realized that being a first responder is more than a career; it is a calling.

What are some key moments during your WCSO career that you realized you were a Change Maker?
In a time where there are some in society who judge and label all law enforcement in a negative light, I am reminded that I am part of a team that has an impact in the community when citizens take time out of their day to express gratitude. I have been verbally thanked, handed thank you cards, and have been a recipient of care packages to the sheriff’s office. It is then that I remember that our work doesn’t go unnoticed and what we do does have a positive impact and inspire positivity.

In your own words, what does it mean to “serve the community”?
To me, serving the community means doing my best at whatever call I am on, whether that be a simple parking complaint or the most complex person crime investigation. In addition, my hope is that I can be an encouragement to people by doing even the simplest thing as sharing a smile with them or providing a listening ear.

If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring deputies, what would it be?
Build a track record of integrity and work ethic, two things that are extremely important in this career. We can teach skills such as how to conduct an investigation, the technical skills of how to be a sheriff deputy, and policies and procedures. However, integrity and work ethic are intangibles that can’t be taught and are built over time.

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Every day, Washington County Sheriff’s Office deputies are making a change in the community. Some of us knew from a young age that serving our community was our calling. Some of us were inspired by law enforcement and the calling came later. No matter how we got here, we know where we want to be.

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