Deputy Katie Kloss

Hometown: San Diego, CA
Joined WCSO: 2019

Before joining WCSO, were you ever inspired by other Change Makers in the law enforcement community?
I was very inspired by the positive changes law enforcement can make in the community. Seeing law enforcement be some of the first people to serious situations and ensuring their community is safe really lit that fire in me to do the same. Seeing what my local agencies do for the community like Coffee with a Cop, Shop with a Cop, Citizens and Kids Academy really was amazing to see.

What are some key moments during your WCSO career that you realized you were a Change Maker?
I have had a few critical incidents within my time with WCSO. After one of them, an individual actually thanked me for helping save his life. It really was a key moment for me and something that I will remember throughout my career.

What are some goals you have for furthering change in the community?
I would love to see a stronger bond with the Latin community. Being Hispanic, I would love to deepen the connection between law enforcement and the Latino community.

If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring deputies, what would it be?
To always keep learning, every day brings a new opportunity to grow as a person and as a deputy. There is something new I learn or a skill I evolve with each day that passes.

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Every day, Washington County Sheriff’s Office deputies are making a change in the community. Some of us knew from a young age that serving our community was our calling. Some of us were inspired by law enforcement and the calling came later. No matter how we got here, we know where we want to be.

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