Despite a childhood marked with adversity and loss, Jail Deputy Daniel Guzman pushed himself out of his comfort zone and pursued a career in law enforcement, finally realizing his childhood dream.

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Deputy Guzman moved to Oregon with his parents and older brother at the age of two. Guzman credits his family for who he is – family struggles during his childhood helped shape his close bond with his parents and brother, as well as later with his own wife and children.

Making his parents and own family proud keeps him going on hard days; the key is in not forgetting his roots. His passion for growth also helps him overcome whatever arises.
A future goal for Deputy Guzman is continuing to develop his career at the Sheriff’s Office. He best explains it as, “While I may be only three years in, I see many ladders available to me that I can choose to climb.”
Thank you Deputy Guzman for your service!