Deputies on the Air Support Unit are assigned as pilots or Tactical Flight Officers (TFOs), providing air support services for various public safety agencies. The unit primarily supports patrol and investigative teams with surveillance, aerial photography, incident response, suspect apprehension and command support. Those interested in joining the unit typically have a combination of law enforcement, aviation, and technical skill experience.

Deputies assigned to CART are part of a multi-agency team consisting of specially trained investigators who investigate serious crashes. Members of this team also partner with the Major Crimes Team and assist with crime scene diagrams. Deputies receive hundreds of hours of training to become crash investigators. Deputies assigned to this team have an appreciation for the technical aspect of crash investigations and also enjoy applying the study of physics to investigations.

Deputies assigned to this team are dedicated to promoting and improving traffic safety through education, analysis and enforcement to prevent crashes and reduce fatal crashes. Deputies assigned to TSU may be assigned to a car, motorcycle, motor carrier enforcement (commercial vehicle inspections) or DUII enforcement. Those who are natural team players, self-disciplined, self-motivated and dedicated to public education will excel in this role. Pay incentive of 5% when on the motorcycle, take home motorcycle, top notch riding gear for all seasons and many community events.

Highly trained deputies who track and arrest offenders wanted for serious felony crimes and verify sex offender compliance. Deputies assigned to CAT also work with our federal law enforcement partners and conduct surveillance for undercover investigations. Team seeks those who enjoy the challenge of tracking wanted individuals, holding registered sex offenders accountable; Self-motivated, driven former hide and go seek champions need apply. Team members receive take-home undercover cars, are US Marshal Sworn, and wear plain clothes.

Highly trained, confident, calm under pressure decision-makers who respond to high risk critical incidents throughout the county and assist local agencies with serving high risk warrants. Team trains 2-3 times per month, 2 full weeks a year, pay incentive of 5%, and specialty tools to include firearms, body armor, night vision and flashbang.

Investigate, disrupt and dismantle mid to high level drug trafficking and money laundering organizations. Plain clothes operations with confidential informants. Team members are self-motivated with aggressive work ethics and street smarts. Perks include an incentive pay 5%, uniform allowance, take-home car, and robust training opportunities.

ROVT deputies use innovative remote vehicle technology to assist during high risk law enforcement operations. Use of remotely operated vehicles and cameras increase officer safety and provides real-time information for supervisors. Successful ROVT members enjoy intellectual challenges, gaming, are technology oriented, and strong communicators.

Advocate for victims of domestic violence and seek successful prosecution of domestic violence crimes. Team members are compassionate, patient, tenacious and steadfast. Team enjoys unique training opportunities and high satisfaction of helping victims of abuse.

Sworn volunteer law enforcement officers who assist full-time patrol deputies in their duties, answering emergency calls, rendering aid, making arrests, and testifying in court. In addition, Reserves also participate in special missions, panels, critical incident callouts, and events. The Reserve program is a great way to give back to your community, all while keeping the public safe and building new skills.

Enhance and support patrol functions by rapidly deploying highly trained K9 and handler teams to assist in any situation. Team comprised of narcotic detection, patrol tracking and dually certified teams. Team members are self-motivated, hardworking, seeks a four-legged companion. Benefits include 5% incentive pay, purchase and care of dog, take home car, ongoing specialized training and travel.

Keep waterways safe and enjoyable for the community through education, environmental stewardship and proactive enforcement. Marine patrollers are outdoorsy, enjoy the water and working with the community. Exciting jet boat training, water rescue and the opportunity to enjoy some of Washington County’s finest scenery.

Detectives receive 3% premium pay, flexible schedules, take home cars, clothing allowance and enjoy specialized training to solve Washington County’s most complex investigations

Sheriff’s Office trainers instruct well trained deputies who are prepared to act decisively in any situation that may arise. Trainers come from every division and instruct defensive tactics, firearms, survival skills, and emergency vehicle operations.

Team creates peaceful resolutions to often extremely volatile situations. The unit’s cornerstones are empathy, knowledge, and compassion. Supports tactical team by gathering intelligence and creating resolutions through understanding.

Collaborate with educators, students, parents and the community to reduce crime, drug abuse, violence and provide a safe school environment. SROs foster positive relationships with students through participation in extracurricular activities, community events and student awards. Wonderful opportunity for those who have patience, enjoy mentoring and public speaking.

Pairs a masters level mental health clinician with law enforcement to provide crisis intervention and follow-up services. The teams respond in a caring and compassionate manner to those in crisis by problem solve on the scene, improve safety and minimize risk of escalation.

Provide a safe, challenging and comprehensive opportunity for young adults 14-21 to serve the community by searching for missing persons or evidence. SAR Advisors are good role models, mentors, outdoor enthusiasts and dedicated to shaping the future of the agency.

Incident Management Team

The Incident Management Team (IMT) is an interdivisional team and has been trained in the Incident Command System and the National Incident Management System. Team members deploy various special team vehicles to an incident and provide operational, logistical, and planning support on tactical callouts, major crime team callouts, agency requests, and community events.